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Welcome to the PropTech Ramble.

The PropTech Ramble is a podcast that we have created as a platform and a community where we sift through the noise and help others learn about PropTech. 

Come and reflect back on the first season of the PropTech Ramble below!

Hold on tight, we're having a makeover for season 2 – coming in September!


"The C-Suite always run out of toilet paper."| S1E10

Jill Frey,  President / CEO of Cummins Facility Services joined Michael Grant to discuss the world of facility services and how IoT aids this industry.



"We've shifted the gear with data that is available to enable those tactical decisions" | S1E9

Michael Grant discusses what the future holds for global occupiers with Knight Frank's Samarth Kasturia.



"This will become the norm in both new buildings, but also in retrofit cases" | S1E8

Michael Grant breaks down the 5 biggest myths about smart buildings with 3 of Metrikus' sensor partners.



"Relationships are built on proximity"| S1E7

We switched things up on this PropTech Ramble Live with not one, but two guests! Caleb Dunn and Tracy D. Wymer chatted with Michael Grant about the return to the office post a year of working from home.



"Change is coming with FMTech"| S1E6

Cindy E. Hermsen, CEO of the Global Alliance of Facility Management Innovators joined us about discussing facility management and how the role is changing.



"We've shifted the gear with data that is available to enable those tactical decisions" | S1E5

JLL's Director of Innovation Alex Edds joined us on The Ramble chewing the fat on ESG and how it’s affecting the real estate industry.



"It’s not a trend. This is not something that is going to come and go" | S1E4

Host of The PropTech Ramble Live, Micheal Grant, was joined by AirRated CEO, Francesca Brady, as they break down all things indoor air quality.


"A lot of people are oversold on what a smart building is" | S1E3

Host of The PropTech Ramble Live, Michael Grant, was joined by Matthew Marson, Sector Director for Manufacturing & Technology and the Buildings Design Practice at Arcadis. They discussed the steps needed to deliver a smart building.



“Oil is no good unless it’s refined, data is the same” - The PropTech Ramble Live | S1E2

Host of The PropTech Ramble Live, Michael Grant, was joined by Colin Stuart, CEO at Baker Stuart. They explored how PropTech solutions can facilitate a data-driven return to the workplace.



"Sustainability is not just a buzzword, and it’s not going away" - The PropTech Ramble Live | S1E1 

We kicked off the first PropTech Ramble Live at Unissu's RE: Connect. Co-hosts Michael Grant and Megnote Tessema were joined by special guest Uwe Klatt, VP of Sales at Disruptive Technologies. They discussed sensors, smart buildings, and sustainability.



The PropTech Ramble Live!

Join Michael Grant, COO of Metrikus and host of The PropTech Ramble Live. 

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