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Swap integrations for innovation: unlock new development time with our building data APIs

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We've made a name for ourselves integrating with best-in-class building data sources. 

So let us handle that, so your development team can focus on creating a leading workplace experience for your users, with the data and flexibility they need. 

We know that working with workplace data can be frustrating and involve:

  • Difficulty accessing the right data
  • Siloed data sets that block agile working
  • Hours spent aggregating, normalizing and querying data

Meet Metrikus: your API partner

Our solution aggregates data from a range of trusted sources within your workplace – saving you the hassle of setting up new integrations and manually analyzing it.

With our APIs, you'll:

  • Access the building data you need, all in one place
  • Avoid the hassle of integrating new data sources
  • Query data quickly and efficiently, regardless of format
  • Turn your data into useful information
  • Benefit from a straightforward developer experience
  • Worry less about data security with our trusted authentication process
How can occupancy monitoring reduce costs and drive efficiency (2)
Easily reserve a meeting room (2)

We have been looking to add this type of functionality and information into our platform for a while. Metrikus is a complementary and additive solution for ServiceNow, and will be a great value-add to our clients and partners, saving them time and money as they manage their buildings of work.

Scott Fuller

Vice President and General Manager of Workplace
trusted by appspace

Do more with your data

Appspace partnered with Metrikus to integrate our live data into their room booking system.

This helps clients make smarter, more efficient decisions on room reservations – based on factors like occupancy, utilization and indoor air quality.

With Metrikus, you can build better user experiences for your customers.

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Get game-changing insights from your building data, in the way you want to see it, so that you can focus on the work that really matters. 

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