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How real-time alerts can improve employee wellbeing and productivity

We’ve all been in a stuffy meeting room, struggling to stay alert during a long meeting…

…are you still with us?

Well, as you may already know, this is often due to high levels of CO building up, which can lead to a staggering 23% impairment in decision-making and an 11% reduction in productivity.

This, along with other air quality factors like temperature and humidity, could be impacting the health and wellbeing of your employees in the office. 

In this blog post, we explore how our joint solution with Appspace – which displays real-time occupancy and indoor air quality data on meeting room panels and other digital signage – can help boost your employees’ health, productivity, and workplace experience.

What is indoor air quality monitoring?

Monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) is a very effective way to improve employee wellbeing and productivity. 

There are many other parameters to consider and measure through IAQ monitoring in addition to CO, such as PM2.5, TVOCs, humidity, temperature, and more. 

Using IoT sensors, all of this data can be monitored and analyzed in real time to help make more informed decisions about the air quality in your office building. 

How can our solution improve employee wellbeing and productivity?

Our solution with Appspace means that if CO levels in a meeting room exceed set thresholds, you will get an automatic alert suggesting you should take a break or ventilate the space by opening a door or window.

The same logic can be applied to any of the other air quality parameters. For example, you could set up an alert to notify you when the temperature goes above 25°C or below 19°C, to avoid the discomfort of your employees or visitors. 

Appspace alert example, air quality warning

In addition to these alerts, you can also set rules to prevent meeting rooms or office spaces from being booked until the air quality is back at a safe and appropriate level, to help reduce exposure to poor air quality for your people. 

Now that you understand the possibilities of our joint solution with Appspace, we hope you can also see the wider picture of how it can help improve the wellbeing and productivity of your employees. 

Want to find out more?

If you’re keen to learn more, check out our joint case study with Appspace to find out how we’re helping a large pharmaceutical company create the healthiest and most sustainable headquarters in the world! 

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