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Get more from your data.
Unlock your building's potential.

Centralize and customize your unique building insights to maintain and improve your space.
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real-time data capture


data feeds captured daily

< 6 months

return on investment


reduction in critical asset failure


increase in effective floor capacity via hotdesking


reduction in energy usage

Centralize all of your data and insights in one place

From your BMS, to HVAC, to any sensor, connect all of your building data sources to better understand, monitor, and maintain every operative square inch of your space.
data sources connected, and counting!
real time alerts

Speed up and optimize decision-making

Through customizable dashboards, centralize the exact unique insights you need to act more proactively in making your space smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

Save on building costs

Monitor occupancy, energy, and critical equipment in real-time to better understand building capacity, reduce asset failure, and identify excess resources.

Office with proptech

Boost building efficiency

In one platform, understand and optimize overall energy use by identifying problematic areas of your space, setting up alerts for usage thresholds, and scheduling and automating adjustments through your BMS.

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