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The Metrikus API for building data is here! Spend less time on integrations and more time on what matters. Sign up for early access > 

Your building data on demand.

Do you want to get more from your office space? Are you wasting energy in unused areas? We help you understand exactly how your space is being used.

Improve your building's efficiency by over 35%.

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What is Metrikus?

Metrikus is a building efficiency platform with all the insights you need to make your space efficient, creating positive change for occupants and the environment. Our cloud-based platform aggregates your building data – whether it’s from existing building systems, IoT sensors, the Building Management System (BMS), or elsewhere.

With the right data in one central place, your team can make informed decisions about how to optimize your real estate's performance.


Per person gained in productivity by improving indoor air quality


Of office space is underutilized and ready to be optimized


Reduction in energy usage with real-time monitoring

Our solutions

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Space optimization

Reduce costs by uncovering your underutilized building space and driving operational efficiencies across your portfolio.

Productivity and wellbeing

Understand and analyze the many factors – such as indoor air quality – that could be impacting your employees’ health, wellbeing, and productivity. 

Sustainable buildings

Monitor key ESG metrics across your building portfolio and receive actionable insights to help you reduce resource consumption.

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I cannot overstate how useful the Metrikus platform has been. It’s a powerful visual tool that allows you to become an intelligent customer. The flexibility and speed of response is exemplary.

FM and Technical Services Manager, Ralph James


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