With so much information out there, we thought we’d help you out by bringing together the key things you need to know about when it comes to ESG. 

We’ve focused throughout on how PropTech and IoT can help with the collection and interpretation of ESG data.

Report featuring:

  • Alex Edds, Director of Innovation at JLL
  • Monica Chao Janeiro, Country Sustainability Manager at IKEA in Spain and President of Women Action Sustainability (WAS)
  • Edward Rowland, Credit Risk Manager for a Social Lender and Environmental Data Expert
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Talk to an ESG expert


  • Note from our COO, Michael Grant
  • The origins of responsible investment and the rise of ESG
  • ESG: the need-to-know
  • Putting the ‘E’ in ESG 
  • Putting the ‘S’ in ESG 
  • Putting the ‘G’ in ESG 
  • ESG ratings, sustainable indices and green certifications 
  • Green buildings and healthy buildings 
  • The economic case for ESG in real estate 
  • A board perspective: strategy and non-financial reporting
  • ESG case studies
  • ESG interviews
  • The future of ESG

Here is a sneak peak of our timeline, a quick round up of everything you need to know about ESG.