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Productivity and wellbeing

Unlock extra productivity with a healthy workforce

Clean air, clear minds: unleash higher productivity with better workplace air quality and space planning!

Our productivity solution starts with understanding the all-important factors that could impact your employee’s health and wellbeing, so you can make more informed decisions and help increase their productivity by up to as high as 12%.



Ways our productivity solution can help you
Improve the wellbeing of your workforce
Drive the productivity of your employees
Reduce workforce absenteeism
Improve space planning to drive collaboration
Communicate and assure occupants of space health
Enhance employee experience via digital signage

How do we help make your employees more productive?

  • Monitoring real-time and historical indoor air quality (IAQ) data in your buildings
  • Analyzing when IAQ may impact employees with CO2 vs. people count
  • Providing insights about how your building space should be set up to ensure the productivity and safety of your employees
  • Demonstrating compliance against SLAs, including CO2 and temperature
  • Share real-time insights about space health with employees via apps and screens
Data on screen
Map dashboard
Smart Cleaning Data
Retail kiosk dashboard

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