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Use cases

Occupancy monitoring

By displaying real-time occupancy data, our platform lets you understand and control how your space is being used.

Indoor air quality monitoring

Monitor key IAQ parameters including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, total volatile organic compounds and particulate matter.

Smart cleaning

Utilize real-time and historic data to identify the specific times of day when the occupancy is higher, to help optimize your cleaning schedule.

ESG monitoring & reporting

Our platform gives you the tools you need to overcome challenges and get started with ESG.

Remote site monitoring

By bringing all the data you need into a single place, we can help to make your remote sites feel a little less remote.

Data centres

Proactively monitor to uncover and solve any issues that could be harmful to equipment and its performance.

Energy monitoring

Real-time energy monitoring is the best way to track and control your consumption and reduce your carbon footprint.

Asset track and trace

Track the location and status of critical resources to understand current capacity and improve efficiency.


Cold storage, Legionella risk management and smart cleaning.

Retail solution

In such a competitive market, using smart technology to optimise retail stores is absolutely key.

Commercial Real Estate

With the rise of hybrid working, organizations are re-evaluating their real estate requirements and looking to rightsize their portfolios.

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