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The Metrikus API

Buildings? Overly complicated. Their data? A chaotic mess.

But through the Metrikus API, you can access clear and meaningful data, making it quicker and easier to get from data to the best possible decisions.

Whether you're a workplace team analyzing your data, a developer building the next best app, or a consultancy team looking to add more value for your customers, our API is just one part of our upcoming platform that will empower you to do whatever you want with your building data.

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For developers

Empower your developer team with data flexibility
  • Efficiently query your data via our API, regardless of format
  • Leverage our Developer Portal, with clear documentation to remain agile
  • Securely build with our authentication and authorization process
  • Build the best possible user experience with data flexibility

For consultants

Bolster your value to your clients with next level analysis
  • Spend less time acquiring your clients’ data and free up your time to actually analyze it
  • Get rapid insights in the context of your clients’ entire portfolios
  • Power up your own intelligence dashboards with our existing functionality, with rules, insights, alerts and more

For analysts

Get faster data to decisions with your own analysis
  • Use your valuable time for analysis instead of searching for the right building data
  • Get rapid insights in the context of your entire portfolio
  • Build on your existing analysis (there’s no need to start from scratch)
  • Efficiently query your data via our public API

Build the next leading workplace app

Your developers are spending too much time setting up new data integrations, aggregating data and making sense of it. 

Let us handle all of that, so your team can focus on the big stuff – creating the best possible experience for your users.

Add value for your clients

Don’t waste your billable hours on low-value tasks like manual data acquisition.

Access building data that we’ve already aggregated to elevate your analysis, so you can focus on solving the big challenges for your clients. 

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Take your workplace analysis up a notch

Tired of manually acquiring and sorting your data?

Get access to aggregated building data from a range of data sources, to take your workplace intelligence to the next level – in the way you actually want to see it.


By leveraging Metrikus' public APIs, we are able to access aggregated and normalized building data from a range of trusted sources, without the hassle of setting up new integrations.

We can then display this data on our meeting room panels and other digital signage, empowering employees with real-time information about the spaces they work in.

Paul Alley, Director of Technology & Alliance Partnerships, Appspace




We have been looking to add this type of functionality and information into this platform for a while. 

Metrikus is a complementary and additive solution for ServiceNow, and will be a great value-add to our clients and partners, saving them time and money as they manage their buildings."

Scott Fuller, Vice President and General Manager of ServiceNow's Workplace Service Delivery Division



Customize your offering in the way that works for you

With the Metrikus API, Appspace differentiated their own workplace platform, integrating and visually displaying CO₂ levels on their room booking panels. 

The APIs enabled custom alerts for their end users when CO₂ levels were too high, delivering even more value in their mission to create safe and productive workplaces for their customers.

What could you do with your data?

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