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Ralph James, FM & Technical Services Manager at the Met Office

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Met Office case study: driving efficiency

Getting started with Metrikus When we first started working with Metrikus, our primary goal was to monitor temperature in our office space. We were constantly bombarded with ‘too hot’ and ‘too cold’ complaints, many more than you’d expect. Our BMS said everything was normal and that the room temperatures were 21°C, the BMS set point. But evidence from the Metrikus platform showed that the temperature was actually some way off and certainly not evenly distributed. Having detailed evidence allowed us to look at the BMS system performance. We immediately discovered that our BMS sensors were not reading correctly. Many years of sensor drift and subsequent compensation meant that we were operating a system with erroneous inputs. We were able to rectify that problem and start thinking about other ways in which we could improve efficiency in our space. Read More
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