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How do the sensors connect to the Metrikus platform?

Essentially, any device that can send data to the internet can be connected to the Metrikus cloud. Devices can be connected directly to the Metrikus cloud or indirectly via a local gateway (edge device).

Both devices and gateways may implement edge intelligence capabilities. This enables aggregation and reduction of raw telemetry data before transmission to the backend, and allows for local decision making capabilities on the edge.

Below are concepts for different device connectivity options: 

  1. Direct device connectivity to the cloud gateway: For IP capable device that can establish secure connections via the internet 
  2. Connectivity via a local gateway: For devices using industry specific standards, short range communication technologies, as well as resource constrained devices incapable of hosting a TLS/SSL stack. This option is also useful for aggregation of data at the edge.
  3. Connectivity via a custom cloud gateway: For devices that require protocol translation or some form of custom processing before reaching the cloud gateway.
  4. Connectivity via a local gateway and a custom cloud gateway: similar to previous, but also with some functionality performed at the edge.

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