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Product release update

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New dashboards

Smart cleaning

Wellness Panel

Cognitive Performance

This month we’ve got two smashing new features and a lot of colour coding: buckle up for a wild ride.

What’s inside?

  • Smart cleaning dashboard

  • Wellness Kiosk – cognitive performance

Smart cleaning dashboard

A brand new feature has launched: the Metrikus smart cleaning dashboard.

The need-to-know:

By using sensors to track footfall through a bathroom, you can now optimize your cleaning schedule by organizing your resources based on historical usage data.

Our live dashboard view can be used to prioritize areas to clean based on highest usage.

Why this is great:

✅Provides you with a live view that updates in real time

✅Colour-coded tiles highlight rooms that have had high usage since the last clean

✅React quickly through automated real-time alerts for specific areas

✅Alleviate occupant’s concerns about office cleanliness and put their mind at ease

Wellness Panel: cognitive performance

Another Wellness Kiosk addition!

The need-to-know

The cognitive performance score can now be displayed within the Wellness Kiosk to help you understand the effect of CO2 on the cognitive performance of your occupants.

Why this is great:

✅Share a space’s cognitive performance score with occupants by displaying it on screens or tablets

✅Clear colour coding to highlight good and bad values at a glance


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