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Product release update

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Wellness Panel

Reference lines

Capacity Panel

Capacity by hour

This month brings two new features that make it even easier to understand the performance of your building.

What’s inside?

  • Wellness Panel - reference lines

  • Capacity by hour panel 

Wellness Panel - reference lines

Our new and improved Wellness Panel makes it easier for you to visualise your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in one place. This month we have introduced a highly requested feature… reference lines (more exciting than it sounds we promise)!

Why this is great:

✅At a glance you can easily see when each IAQ parameter is outside of the optimal range

✅We set the optimum ranges so you don’t have to! These have been defined for you and based on the WELL standard 

✅Identify trends and spot repeat occurrences of threshold breaches that may be happening on the same day of the week or at the same time each day

Capacity by hour panel

The need-to-know

You loved our utilisation by hour panel, and you can now view your capacity data in the same way! Typically, specific days of the week are busier than others – especially nowadays due to flexible working and the rise of the TW*Ts (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday office goers) – so you can now get a clear view of what capacity levels look like for each day of the week based on historical averages.

Why this is great:

✅Identify how the capacity levels of your spaces vary across different days of the week so that you can feel more confident when planning any changes to optimise your workplace

✅Same familiar design as utilisation by hour panel and clear colour coding for each day of the week

✅Custom time periods allow you to choose exactly when historical averages are taken from


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