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Product release update


Chart data gap updates


Capacity updates

Another short but very sweet edition of your monthly product release update.

What’s inside?

  • Dashboard: chart data gap updates

  • Kiosk: capacity updates 

Dashboard: chart data gap updates 

We have been very busy optimising dashboard charts in a number of different ways, but there’s one in particular we wanted to tell you about.

The need-to-know:

One thing we have been working on is making clearer breaks in charts when there have been any data gaps.

This is something we hope doesn’t happen very often but occasionally devices may disconnect due to network or power issues, and we want it to be really obvious when it has.

Why this is great:

✅It’s now much easier to identify specific time periods of unexpected data outages

✅This means you can quickly take further action to understand what caused the outage and work on how to prevent it happening again. (Sometimes this may be as simple as asking your staff to stop charging their phones with the sensor’s power cables!)


Kiosk: capacity updates

We have received such positive feedback for our Kiosk mode (thank you!). One of the most requested updates was to be able to display the actual number of people in a space rather than just showing the percentage on the Capacity Kiosk. So here it is!

metrikus dashboard

The need-to-know:

When you configure your Capacity Kiosk you can now choose between showing the actual count of people in a space or showing the count expressed as a percentage of your custom threshold limit. Your space, your decisions. 

Why this is great:

✅ Gives you more choice on how you want to visualise your data

✅ Showing the actual count of people on the floor makes it easier to tell exactly how much space is available on each floor


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