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Level up your workplace technology with the Metrikus API

Level up your workplace technology with the Metrikus API

The Metrikus API provides seamless access to workplace data that’s already been aggregated, normalized, and contextualized for you. But what can you actually achieve with all this data?

In this blog post, we explore some compelling use cases for integrating live data into workplace technologies, from room and desk booking systems to digital signage solutions.

What are the top use cases for room and desk booking systems?

Let’s say you work for a company that provides room and desk booking systems for offices. 

You already provide customers with valuable insights on room and desk usage, but what if you could add live data into the mix?

With our API, you can integrate live occupancy data into your existing system, providing extra value for your customers.

  • Employees can view live occupancy levels and book spaces accordingly
  • Companies can automate check-in processes using real-time occupancy data
  • Companies can automatically release rooms for booking if no one shows up, or if the booking is shorter than planned
  • Companies can get enhanced insights into space utilization by analyzing booking and check-in data alongside occupancy data

You can also do the same with indoor air quality (IAQ) data, giving your customers the insights they need to make their workplaces healthier and more productive.

  • Employees can check IAQ levels in different areas and choose a space with optimal conditions
  • Employees can make more informed decisions about reserving spaces based on past IAQ data
  • Companies can automatically make spaces unbookable if the IAQ isn’t optimal for productivity 

Appspace using the Metrikus API

What are the top use cases for digital signage solutions?

There are also a lot of compelling use cases for integrating live data into digital signage solutions.

With live occupancy data, companies can direct employees to available spaces based on actual occupancy levels, and automatically release rooms for booking if they’re not occupied.

And with IAQ data displayed on digital signage, employees can pick an area that’s right for them – for example, choosing a space that has a comfortable temperature or suitable noise level.

If the air quality in a space becomes suboptimal, employees can even be directed to an available room with better IAQ, and access to the original room can be restricted until the air quality improves.

Use cases like these can elevate your workplace solution, increasing its value to end customers and setting you apart from the competition.

Are you ready to level up your workplace technology?

Companies like Appspace and ServiceNow are already using our API to add live data into their market-leading workplace solutions. 

Schedule a call with us today to find out how you can do the same.


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