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Metrikus launches in South Africa

We have partnered with Cataly5t to bring a leading solution to South Africa, making spaces safer, healthier and more productive. We are excited to expand our global reach and support new clients with our innovative smart building platform.
Cataly5t was founded on the principle of driving business forward through smart technology. Their goal is to help their clients to create workspaces that encourage employee engagement and productivity, while reducing real-estate costs and optimising management of facilities. They do this by using cutting edge technology that seamlessly integrates into their workspace and system infrastructure.
Cataly5t decided to partner with us as we are a market leader in smart technology solutions. Our unique software platform helps real estate owners, facility managers and occupants to understand and optimise their building’s environment, maintenance, usage and health.
By connecting a building’s assets and sensors into a single digital platform, our innovative solution transforms real estate data into a powerful decision making tool. Our software is hardware agnostic, enabling any sensor or legacy system to be integrated. With real-time information on all relevant aspects of an estate, we provide the leading integrated dashboard in the market.
Tertia Barrett, Founder and Managing Director of Cataly5t, said: ‘We are excited to be the only company in South Africa to be offering a solution like this. By partnering with Metrikus, we can steer ahead of the competition and offer our customers a unique and innovative solution to drive efficiency in the built environment. We look forward to working with a range of companies to demonstrate the power of technology and data in an ever-changing world’.
Smart building technology has long been a valuable tool, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it a necessity in many spaces. There is a growing focus on various back to work strategies, including those that will enable employees to comply with social distancing measures in the workplace.
Smart occupancy monitoring is the only way to understand and control how spaces are being used, making it essential for upholding an effective social distancing policy and providing a safe and healthy environment in which to work. Through our partnership with Cataly5t, we can help companies across the world to get their employees back to work safely.
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