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Metrikus announces integration with ServiceNow

Metrikus joins forces with ServiceNow to drive the efficiency and sustainability of global real estate

We’re very excited to have announced our integration with ServiceNow to drive the efficiency and sustainability of global real estate

This is a huge opportunity for us to expand our customer base, and it’s safe to say that we’re very excited to see where this partnership takes us.

To celebrate the good news, we thought we’d write a quick blog post explaining what the integration actually involves, and why we’re so excited about it.

Why are we integrating with ServiceNow?

When we first started talking with ServiceNow, we knew our solutions would be a match made in heaven.

ServiceNow works with a lot of customers who want to reduce real estate costs and drive workplace efficiency, and our SaaS platform and APIs help companies to do exactly that! 

Now, our building efficiency software will provide ServiceNow with a single point of aggregated data, so that they can give their customers the tools they need to save time and money while they manage their real estate.

As Michael Grant, our COO and co-founder, explains “ServiceNow and their clients need an easy, scalable and cost-effective solution to aggregate siloed data sources within buildings and accelerate digital transformation and time to ROI. This is Metrikus."

What are the benefits for ServiceNow’s customers?

Long story short, ServiceNow’s thousands of customers will get all the benefits that come with accessing your building data in a single place, including:

In the words of Scott Fuller, Vice President and General Manager of ServiceNow’s Workplace Service, “We have been looking to add this type of functionality and information into our platform for a while. Metrikus is a complementary and additive solution for ServiceNow, and will be a great value-add to our clients and partners, saving them time and money as they manage their buildings.”

This is such an exciting step for us, and we can’t wait to help more companies than ever before to create workplaces that are productive, cost-effective and sustainable.

If you want to find out more about this game-changing integration, check out the press release here.


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