2 December 2020

Watch this space: the Metrikus Occupancy Index is nearly here

Everyone is speculating about how lockdown is affecting working patterns. We all know that lots of people are working remotely, but how many are still going into the office? And for those that are, have their working habits changed?

This is where our data comes in.

We are very excited to have partnered with US business intelligence startup SigmaBI to create a real-time Index of anonymous occupancy data. 

From Bloomberg to The Telegraph, the press has been all over our data, which shows how lockdown and other government initiatives are affecting workplace behaviour. Our data is also currently being displayed on the iconic Bloomberg Terminal.

Our Index not only gives an indication of how many people are going into the office, but also reveals how working patterns are changing.

For example, our data has shown that office workers tend to be arriving at work later, likely to avoid the transport rush-hour. Employees are also eating lunch in the office more frequently, probably as a result of many cafes and restaurants being forced to close. There’s also been an increase in meeting room usage, showing the value placed on face-to-face meetings.

It will be interesting to see how occupancy levels and workplace patterns continue to evolve in the coming months. This is why we want to share our data with you, so that you can get an insight into how the world of work is changing day by day.

Our data is going to be publicly available very soon, so make sure you keep an eye on our social accounts for any updates.

And more importantly, if you’d like to get a sneak preview, you can sign up here to get exclusive access before it is live. 

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