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Metrikus and VergeSense – making offices smart and safer


As more employees start to return to the office, we want to provide easy solutions to make the workplace smarter and safer. 

That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with VergeSense, a leading provider of ceiling-mounted occupancy sensors.

By integrating their battery-powered sensors into our software platform, we now have an even quicker and easier solution to help companies understand and control how their space is being used.

What are the benefits of occupancy monitoring?

The benefits of occupancy monitoring in the workplace are many and varied. With access to accurate, real-time data you can:

  • Have complete visibility over the number of people in given areas
  • See which specific desks are occupied or vacant
  • Know that designated, distanced seats are being used
  • Alert and report on social distancing violations
  • Analyse utilisation over the course of the day
  • Refine agile seating ratios and assign the appropriate number of people to shared spaces
  • Compare the popularity of different spaces to inform design decisions
  • Identify opportunities for space reduction and cost savings

Two of the biggest questions at the moment seem to be how many employees will return to the office and how many days a week they will spend there?

Occupancy monitoring is the best way for companies to facilitate a hybrid work model and understand how much space they really need going forwards.

What makes VergeSense unique?

VergeSense’s ceiling-mounted sensors collect an anonymous person count for the spaces they are measuring.

What really sets them apart is the fact that they’re battery-powered. This means they’re quick and easy to install as there’s no need to spend time and money running cables.

They provide granular utilisation data for every space type, and cover more space with fewer devices than many other sensors, which means lower costs for you.

What are you waiting for?

Our back to the office solution is already helping several major clients to make their offices smarter and safer for employees.

With VergeSense’s battery-powered sensors and our easy-to-use dashboard, you could have access to meaningful real-time data in a matter of days.

Book a demo today to find out how our back to the office solution could help you.


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