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Key features and benefits of a smart building platform


So, you’ve decided it’s time to look for a smart building platform. Maybe you’re fed up with working in a stuffy office, or you’ve just seen one too many eye-watering energy bills. It’s time to put yourself out there and find the smart building platform of your dreams. 

But what makes for a great smart building platform? The right solution can transform your building operations, minimizing costs, optimizing ESG performance, and improving health, wellbeing and productivity.

You might be asking yourself, how do I know when I’ve found the one? We know how frustrating it is to hear the cliché ‘when you know, you know’, so read on as we explore some of the key features and benefits to look out for.

What should you look for in ‘the one’

Your new smart building platform doesn’t need to cost the Earth, nor does it need to be disruptive to your current building setup. 

You need to start by identifying your priorities and needs. Do you want to lower your building’s carbon footprint, or are you more interested in improving indoor air quality? Or maybe you want an end-to-end solution like HqO's that combines different capabilities in a single, easy-to-use workplace experience platform.

From here, any smart building platform worth dating – ahem, choosing – should have a few key qualities:


  • Has their smart building solution been successfully implemented already with tangible results?
  • Does it comply with current and upcoming regulations?
  • Does it let you own your data? Most IoT devices shouldn't be a concern from a privacy perspective, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Ensure your chosen platform lets you own your data so you know exactly how it's being used and stored.
  • Speaking of data, does their smart building solution monitor key parameters clearly and in real-time so that you can have 24/7 access to accurate, reliable information about your space?
  • Is it scalable? Will it cope as your business, and buildings grow and change?
  • Is it easy to integrate? It would help if you had something that would disrupt your business as little as possible and integrate with your existing infrastructure.
  • Is it an open-source platform that will provide greater compatibility and flexibility? 

If you need a little extra help working out what you need, we love this tool by Memoori which provides a step by step guide to evaluating the worth of a smart building project. 

Key features of a smart building platform

Every smart building platform is different – tailored to the specific needs and goals of its users, but there are a few key components that make up any smart building platform.

An IoT platform connects the data from all of your sensors and devices in one place. It doesn’t matter how many sensors, devices or other gizmos you have – unless they’re connected and visible on an IoT platform, they’re pretty much useless.

Let’s look at what is needed for an IoT platform:

1. Hardware

These could be sensors that collect building data or devices that perform actions.

2. Connectivity

The hardware can transmit data to the cloud or receive messages in a number of ways. Cellular, satellite or WiFi connectivity are common, but IoT-focused options like LoRa are also becoming popular.

3. Software

Software analyzes the data collected from the sensors and makes intelligent decisions. 

4. User interface

A user interface is vital, so that users can interact with the smart building platform. 

It’s safe to say the future of this technology is bright – according to Grand View Research, the global smart building market size is expected to spike to $570.02 billion by 2030 and expand at a CAGR of 25.3% from 2022 to 2030. 

How will a smart building platform help you?

Once you’ve found your perfect match, you can look forward to long walks on the beach, romantic heart-to-hearts and candlelit dinners. 

Sorry, we got a bit carried away there. 

Your ideal smart building platform might not quite fulfil your dating dreams, but it certainly will:

  • Improve the health and safety of your space
  • Minimize energy costs
  • Improve ESG performance
  • Enable better decision making through reliable, up to date data
  • Enhance space utilization
  • Drive employee productivity

Ready to find your perfect match? Talk to an expert about Metrikus today and see what our platform can do for you. 



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