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Smart building solutions for you | Which IoT solution will fix your problem?

We’re on a mission to help you create your ideal smart building. Whether you’re looking to make your space healthier, more cost-effective or more sustainable, we’ve got the perfect match for you. 

In this blog post, we dive into three common problems and match them with some of our most popular smart building solutions: occupancy monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring, and energy monitoring.

Which is ‘the one’ for you, or could it even be all three? Read on to find out.

Do you want to understand how your space is being used?

Do you want to understand how your space is being used?

The problems:

“Our company has moved to a hybrid working model, and it’s working really well for us and our employees. The only issue is that we have no idea how our office is actually being used. We think we might be able to downsize and save some money, but we want to make sure we’re making the right decision.”

“We have recently moved into a new office space, but we are not sure the space is being used in an effective way. Some areas are completely empty, while others are often become overcrowded.”

Our solution: Occupancy monitoring 

Without access to occupancy data, understanding how a building is being used by occupants is a complete guessing game. This is why occupancy monitoring is so valuable: it allows you to track real-time usage in your space with a high degree of accuracy.

However, using IoT sensors to track occupancy levels is actually the easy part in many ways. The harder part is centralizing this data and bringing you actionable insights so that you can actually improve your space utilization.

Luckily, the Metrikus platform is here to do all the hard work for you. By simply logging into our platform, you can get all the data you need at your fingertips and make sure your building is being used safely and efficiently.

By just glancing at one of our many charts, you can get an accurate understanding of occupancy levels in any given area at any different time. And once you’ve got this data, you can start making informed decisions about downsizing, reallocating space and creating a hybrid strategy that suits your employees and the space they work in.

Do you want to optimize employee wellbeing?

Do you want to optimize employee wellbeing?

The problems:

“We’ve had some employees complaining about feeling drowsy in the office, especially in meeting rooms. We think it could be something to do with CO2 levels but we have no way of knowing. Employee wellbeing and productivity is really important to us so we want to get this sorted.”

“With the new Part F regulations, we need to be monitoring CO2 levels throughout our space. But we’re keen to go above and beyond and measure other factors that could be impacting our employees.”

Our solution: Indoor air quality monitoring

Monitoring and improving indoor air quality is an easy but very effective way to optimize employee health and wellbeing. 

We install sensors to monitor key factors like temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and particulate matter. And more importantly, our platform shows what these values should be, and how the current values could be impacting employees.

Smart alerts notify you when indoor air quality factors deviate from their optimal zone, so that steps can be taken to maintain a safe, healthy and productive working environment. 

We also have a great feature called Kiosk Mode, which allows air quality data to be displayed on screens around an office. This lets employees pick an area that suits their needs, and gives them confidence that they’re working in a healthy space.

Do you want to reduce your building emissions?

Do you want to reduce your building emissions?

The problems:

"We’re getting started on our net zero journey, so reducing our building emissions is a big priority for us. Our usage seems really high, but we have no way of tracking where it’s being used and how we can reduce it."

“Our energy bills have gone up massively recently – we really need to find a way to reduce our energy consumption.”

Our solution: Energy monitoring 

When it comes to offices, there’s often a real lack of visibility about what energy is actually being used for. Spaces are typically underutilized by 30-40% every day, so energy is inadvertently wasted despite some areas being completely empty.

With our real-time energy monitoring solution in place, companies are able to monitor usage trends from an individual device, to a floor, to an entire building. And this provides granular detail, both real-time and historic, around consumption so that action plans can be developed to improve efficiency.

We can also combine our energy monitoring solution with our occupancy and indoor air quality monitoring solutions, which is a great way to identify further opportunities for reducing consumption. Sounds a bit like the perfect package, eh?

Ready to find your perfect match?

Do any of these problems sound familiar, or is there another issue you need help with? 

We’re ready to help you find your perfect smart building solution, whatever it may be. Contact us today to find ‘the one’.


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