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Financial services firms: the office reimagined?

Is your office still half empty?

You’re not alone.

Download ‘Financial services firms: the office reimagined' to discover:

  • How your competitors and leading firms are using actionable insights to boost workplace productivity 
  • How you can leverage your real estate data to increase employee engagement and reduce operational costs
  • How the right tech and data can help you to achieve an impressive ROI 

This guide is free to download, and no details are required.

Financial services guide: the office reimagined?
Financial services firms: the office reimagined

What's in the guide?

- Introduction

- How leading firms are approaching hybrid work and employee engagement in new ways

- What role will offices play for financial services firms?

    • The office as a destination
    • The office as a center of innovation, ideas and learning
    • The office as a place primed for productivity

- How can technology and data support a hybrid approach? 

    • Improving space optimization to reduce costs
    • Optimizing indoor air quality to increase productivity
    • Using workplace data to drive a seamless experience

- The office reimagined? Conclusion 

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Technology and data have the potential to transform workplaces for the better.

Leading financial services firms have already started to reinvent their offices – it’s time for others to follow suit.

Metrikus is a building efficiency platform with all the insights you need to make your space more efficient, productive and sustainable.

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