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Driving building efficiencies for Commercial Real Estate
office workers using Metrikus software platform


of commercial offices at risk of no longer being needed if they are not repurposed.


of energy consumption in commercial buildings and offices is wasted.

$1.5 trillion

could be saved by businesses around the world if they stopped wasting office space and started reducing rental costs.

Workplace transformation has become one of the most notable trends in Commercial Real Estate in recent years. With hybrid working becoming the norm for many, office space and assets are being repurposed at scale - with 10-20% of commercial offices at risk of no longer being needed if they are not repurposed!

Climate change and ESG are also at the top of the agenda, with increasing pressures from regulators, investors, and corporate occupiers for us to step up and take action to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. 

Here’s how Metrikus can help with these challenges:

  • Drive cost savings by understanding space utilization and rightsizing your portfolio

  • Reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of your commercial buildings

  • Improve the air quality in your offices and communicate it to employees or tenants  

Drive cost savings with space utilization and rightsizing across your portfolio 

With the rise of hybrid working, organizations are re-evaluating their real estate requirements and looking to rightsize their portfolios.  

With real-time and historic occupancy monitoring data, you can remove the guesswork by understanding exactly how your building is currently being utilized and how much space you actually need. 

You can also see how many people are on each floor, in certain areas, or even at specific desks, so you can direct employees to underutilized floors or empty desks. 

Reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of your commercial buildings 

With our platform, you can compare energy data with occupancy data to identify opportunities for reducing your energy consumption. For example, you might realize that you’re unintentionally heating or cooling meeting rooms hours before or after people are actually using them. 

You can even set alerts for when energy usage exceeds thresholds to help you reduce consumption quickly and more efficiently. 

Improve the air quality of your offices and communicate it to employees or tenants

For obvious reasons, commercial landlords and building occupiers are more aware of the spread of airborne viruses now than in recent years. And studies have shown the link between poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and the transmission of these viruses. Poor IAQ can not only increase the spread of airborne viruses but can also have a massive impact on employees, impairing decision-making by 23% and reducing productivity by 11%.

We install IAQ sensors to monitor key factors including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) and particulate matter (PM2.5). And more importantly, our platform shows what these values should be, and how the current values could be impacting your employees.

Smart alerts notify you when IAQ factors deviate from their optimal zone so that steps can be taken to maintain a safe, healthy and productive indoor environment at all times.

We also have a great feature that allows air quality data to be displayed on screens around your office. This lets employees pick an area that suits their needs, and gives them confidence that they’re working in a healthy space.

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