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Introducing The Measure Podcast by Metrikus

We’re very excited to be back with a new series and new name – The Measure Podcast by Metrikus! 

Why have we changed the name of our podcast?

You might have previously listened when we were called The PropTech Ramble, but we started to realize we were rambling on about so much more than just PropTech.

So this time, we're broadening our horizons and helping you get the measure of a huge range of topics, from building efficiencies and workplace productivity to sustainable buildings and ESG.

What can you expect?

Michael Grant, our co-founder and COO, will be joined by a new guest every Wednesday – for 10 weeks straight – to size up a brand new topic. 

To kick off the series, we’ve released a quick trailer episode, where Michael shares his thoughts on a couple of topics that have been on his mind, including overselling in the market, AI and ESG.

You can listen now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify – please give us a rating if you like what you hear!

What next?

Next week, we’ll be releasing the first episode of The Measure Podcast, with Accenture’s Michael Przytula.

Michael joined us for a bonus episode at the end of the last series of the podcast, and we enjoyed it so much we invited him back for another episode to chat about all things data, technology and workplaces. 

Follow us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to be the first to know when it’s released next Wednesday!


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