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Metrikus and Avanade's Intelligent Workplace app

We’re excited to announce that our joint Intelligent Workplace offering with Avanade is now available on AppSource, under ‘Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability’ and ‘Azure’.

Read on to discover why we’ve created this pilot offering, what it includes, and how you can get your hands on it.


Companies have a lot of outstanding questions about the future of work:

  • What is the purpose of the office?
  • How can we improve employee engagement and collaboration?
  • How do we best support hybrid working?

Along with Avanade, we want to help companies to reimagine their workplace – creating spaces that benefit people, productivity, and the planet.


Our Intelligent Workplace offering is a pilot project that can be right-sized for your organization and rapidly deployed. We will provide:

  • Access to the Metrikus platform
  • Avanade Intelligent Workplace services
  • Hardware (rented or purchased)
  • Training and support
  • Project management

Pricing will vary depending on the scope of engagement, and will include everything listed here


As part of the pilot, Avanade and Metrikus will work with local delivery teams to install sensors across designated floors and areas. 

This will give you access to real-time data about occupancy, capacity and indoor air quality – all in one place. And we will provide actionable insights that can transform collaboration, reduce costs and create a healthier and more sustainable workplace.

To get your hands on our Intelligent Workplace offering, all you need to do is head to Microsoft App Source, and click on the ‘Contact me’ button. 

We’re ready to create workplaces that benefit people, productivity, and the planet – are you?

 Get our Intelligent Workplace offering




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