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Speaker spotlight: Uwe Klatt

We’re very excited that Uwe Klatt, VP of Sales at Disruptive Technologies will be joining our COO Michael Grant for the very first live edition of The PropTech Ramble podcast. Sign up here

Who is Uwe Klatt?

Uwe is a senior sales executive with 15 years of experience from Alcatel, Siemens, Juniper Networks, and Logitech. His specialty is to deliver simple solutions in complex environments. With the help of DT’s revolutionary technology, he helps companies design new digital strategies for construction, buildings, logistics, food and health compliance, retail, manufacturing, and energy. Before joining Disruptive Technologies, he was Head of Collaboration Sales at Cisco Systems.

Uwe is a *Thought Leader*

Previous contributions 

Uwe on Disruptive Technologies’ contribution to remote monitoring, sustainable workplace management, and COVID-19

In general, our technology can answer pressing sustainability questions facilities & workplace managers are asking: Is HVAC equipment running as efficiently as it could be? Are office temperatures meeting tenant expectations? Are doors left open and lights left on? Which meeting rooms are being used most often? Which public areas and bathrooms get the most traffic? How much desk space if left unoccupied? DT can provide managers with a remote overview of all of this unprecedented level of detail in their building. We call this “remote monitoring”, or “smart monitoring”.

In the light of COVID-19, there has been a visible shift in focus to occupant health and safety. Now, workplace and facilities managers need to ensure tenants have the right socially-distanced space for their needs, and that facilities are always clean. Through IoT, buildings & facilities managers can design, develop and deploy innovative business processes in areas like cleaning, maintenance, and occupancy which lead to improved workplace health & well-being that comply with COVID-19 regulations. 

Our tiny, secure, and non-intrusive sensors can stick anywhere and serve as occupancy trackers to see how space is being used and how assets are performing. Our sensors collect and aggregate data that can help determine how often desks, conference rooms, and other spaces will be used, and by how many people. Sensors track how often doors open and close can tell if they’re being used properly. This can provide a full overview of workplace occupancy and make sure the office layout is being designed to allow for social distancing.

Cleaning is also a key focus. Regular checks on joint areas and restrooms may not be frequent enough to alleviate people’s fears and meet their demands for cleanliness. People now also worry about everything they touch while working. Desks, chairs, whiteboards, elevator buttons, stair rails, and door handles have now become dangerous territories. Through our technology, cleaning staff can know which locations need rapid attention by tracking their usage. Our touch buttons can turn into cleaning validation tools to be used by cleaning staff to document they have done their job, and when. 

About Disruptive Technologies 

Founded in 2013, Disruptive Technologies (DT) is the Norwegian developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and an award-winning innovator in the IoT market. Our tiny, efficient, powerful, and adaptable wireless sensors provide huge insights and are designed to reach an ever greater number of operational components, making buildings intelligent and sustainable, in minutes. Learn more at 

Join Uwe and Metrikus COO Michael Grant for The PropTech Ramble LIVE on the 17th of March. Sign up here and submit your questions for the Q&A!


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