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Monitor indoor air quality to create a healthier and more productive workplace, whilst exceeding sustainability standards.

Measure any combination of air quality, thermal comfort, light and noise throughout your office.

For all employers taking care of our staff is key to the long-term success of our business but healthy, happy workers is not always easy to achieve, especially when some critical factors impacting our results have been beyond our ability to measure.

Metrikus’ Workplace Wellness system captures your building's layouts as maps in our software and through the placement of sensors on-site we can begin to measure any combination of air quality, thermal comfort, light and noise throughout your office space.

Our warning system will respond to real-time changes in the environment, which are out of the optimum range. Displayed on a map and optionally synchronised with your BMS so your FM team can then take immediate remedial action.

Good To Know

Decision making ability is lowered by up to 21% when CO2 levels reach 1000ppm compared to 600ppm.

Productivity loss associated with ill-heath costs the UK economy £73 billion per year.

Productivity gains of 8% can be achieved through improved thermal comfort and air quality.

Workplace Wellness Solution

Air Quality

Increasing productivity.


Monitor space utilisation and see which Measure and optimise the indoor environment. Reduce levels of CO2 and VOCs to create spaces conducive to working productively.

Thermal, Light & Noise Control

Optimising environmental variables.


Immediate remedial action can be taken via your BMS when environmental variables are outside the optimum range.

Employee Health

Reducing absenteeism.


Measure and optimise the environment of your buildings and have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the people inside them.

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