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Benefit from our bespoke data analytics solutions which are tailored to your every need.

We live in an increasingly data driven world, but making this data useful is not always easy.

Large companies have a huge amount of data available to them, but this is often scattered across legacy systems and isolated silos, making it difficult to find and integrate. At Metrikus, we enable you to take full advantage of data by seamlessly integrating your data and clearly displaying the information that is relevant to you.

We gain a thorough insight into your specific requirements and offer bespoke solutions that are carefully tailored on a client by client basis. We can scale to any number or type of users, buildings, sensors and applications in a timely and highly cost-efficient way.


BMS Review.

Get a comprehensive check on the "health" of your Building Management System. We gain an insight into your building and review its suitability for purpose.

Healthcare Solutions.

Monitor vaccine and refrigeration conditions, conduct legionella testing, all in accordance with the HSG274 part 2 certification.

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring.

Monitor building management systems and industrial machinery, get alerts when system parameters fluctuate outside set thresholds.

Cutting Edge Sustainability.

Exceed global sustainability standards from construction through to operation - re-certified in real-time.

Remote Site Monitoring.

Transform your business by connecting unconnected sites and lowering the costs required to manage and maintain remote areas.

Agritech Solutions.

Provide the optimum environment to maximise livestock wellbeing and performance, achieve uniform growth rates and reduce costs.

Advanced Analytics.

Benefit from Metrikus' machine learning project with Manchester Metropolitan University, or directly apply your own existing analytics to manage building use.

Safety and Surety.

Track and manage on site work force and equipment in real time. Link your fire door, window and cladding sensors for temperature and humidity.

Retail Solutions.

Sensor technology can provide significant insights into your customer behaviour. Both age and gender can be tracked with airport-grade level of accuracy.

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