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Product updates

October 2021

This month brings two new features that make it even easier to understand the performance of your building.

September 2021

This month we’ve got two smashing new features and a lot of colour coding: buckle up for a wild ride.

August 2021

We’ve turned up the heat on our API, you can now get even more metrics from Metrikus.

July 2021

Two new panels that will help you to know your limits.

June 2021

We’ve given our Wellness Panel a makeover and stepped up our accuracy.

May 2021

We're levelling up our protection and have some exciting new integrations

April 2021

This month is an integration treat and a Spanish surprise

March 2021

Another short but very sweet edition of your monthly product release update.

February 2021

Learn about our new Wellness View and bulletin

December 2020

Christmas really has come early for you lucky people. Learn more about public data, meeting room usage ranking, Kiosk Mode - Capacity and our API update

October 2020

What’s inside? Density integration, new utilisation charts, dials: aggregation selection, custom capacity limits and Intercom on the website

January 2021

New year, new updates! New Indoor Air Quality integration, intercom guides and dials panel - live updates

November 2020

We know you’re busy commuting from your bedroom to the kitchen table, so this is a quick one.

September 2020

Welcome to the first Metrikus product release update – we’re starting with a great one.