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Real-time monitoring and alerts to ensure social distancing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of office workers to stay at home and work remotely. When restrictions begin to be lifted, it is going to be vital to manage the return to the office effectively and not compromise the health of employees.

Metrikus' solution allows you to do that in two ways: by monitoring occupancy and building usage, and by monitoring indoor air quality.

Occupancy Monitoring

Real-time occupancy monitoring can enable you to keep your headcount under a certain threshold, giving employees the ability to maintain social distancing.

Once more people return to the office, sensor technology can accurately track key factors including people count, density in a given area, distance between occupants and movement between zones. Real-time alerts can then be used to manage the flow of staff, avoiding overcrowding and potential transmission.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Humidity and temperature can exacerbate the prevalence and spread of airborne and surface viruses (by up to 20x), and low humidity can also cause mucous membranes to dry out, which compromises our body’s natural defence to viruses.

On-going air quality monitoring using the Metrikus platform allows you to monitor real-time temperature, humidity, CO2, NO2, dust, noise, and light quality, as well as their optimal values and, crucially, their potential impact on employee wellbeing and productivity.

Real-time alerts will then notify you when defined parameters deviate from their optimal zone, and action via your BMS can then be taken as appropriate.

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Healthy spaces, healthy people.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems do not typically clean or purify the air inside a building, leaving harmful substances and toxic pathogens potentially in the air. Real-time monitoring is the only way to measure and improve the current air quality in your building.

Optimise cleaning procedures.

Make sure your cleaning schedule is as effective as possible by using occupancy monitoring. Understanding the areas of the office that have been used the most, or perhaps not even used at all, can ensure that cleaning is more focused and effective.

Monitor assets anytime, anywhere, using any device.

Create custom dashboards and notifications based on what's important to you, to let you know what is really going on at the moment you need to know.

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